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Hello! We’re Kelli and Chelsea and we’re so happy you stopped by our blog, 2 Girls Bookin’ It!


We met in 2016 as coworkers and quickly bonded over our love of books! A lot of our breaks were spent talking about the different books we were reading and eventually we became friends on Goodreads. We introduced each other to many new books that we may not have found on our own and authors that we have become quite obsessed with! We then got into some healthy competition to see who could read the most books each year (we think we’re 50/50 on wins)!


We’ve talked about starting a blog together for years and are finally making that dream into a reality! We’re so excited to share our love of books with you and hopefully we can introduce you to some of your new favorite books!



I have loved books ever since I can remember. From sitting next to my dad as he read me a bedtime story, to lounging on the couch reading children’s then young adult books, to me now as an adult where all I want to do is be immersed in a story regardless of how many household chores and duties I should probably be doing instead!


I am happily married to my husband, Greg, who supports my obsession with books and reading though he still isn’t sure how I can watch a movie and read at the same time :) . When I am not reading, you can find me watching movies with my husband, having board game nights with our friends, cooking up a yummy meal, and spending time with my two fur babies, Lily and Lucy. 


I am excited to share my love and thoughts on all the stories I have read and continue to read with anyone who is interested. Maybe I will make a reader out of you, if you aren’t already?


I am a life-long reader and lover of books, just like Kelli. My mom loves to tell people the story of how I tricked everyone into thinking that I could read at the age of two because I memorized my favorite book. They realized I was a trickster when I was reading the book to them upside down!

A lot of my free time is spent with my loved ones, whether that’s relaxing on the couch reading while my boyfriend watches sports (unless it’s hockey - then I’m all in) or attending concerts and book club with my friends. I’m also obsessed with my own fur baby, Maximus.

I work full-time as a digital media writer and freelance on the side writing search engine optimization (SEO)-driven blogs. I’m excited to combine my love of reading with my love of blog writing to bring you 2 Girls Bookin’ It with Kelli!

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