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4 Perfect Books for Reading is Fun Week!

"Reading is fundamental - fun to mental." ~ Eddie Griffin

While you can definitely read to educate yourself, it's also important to remember that reading is supposed to be fun! To help you get back into reading for fun, we have 4 books that we think are fun reads. So, whether you're in the middle of a book or you have no idea what to read next, we have you covered!

Chelsea's Recs

This Will Only Hurt a Little by Busy Philipps

The first suggestion on our list is This Will Only Hurt a Little by Busy Philipps. When I first heard about this book, I honestly didn't know much about Busy Philipps and I honestly thought she was annoying based on the commercials I had seen about her show. I love memoirs and autobiographies though, so I figured why not give it a try and I'm so glad I did.

Throughout her book, Busy shares with us her sense of humor, her unique way of looking at the world, and many many stories of her life. If you follow Busy on Instagram, then you won't be surprised at her writing style and her willingness to share so much with the world. If you're looking for a book that is an easy read and doesn't require serious focus, then this book should be on your TBR list.

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang

The Kiss Quotient by Helen Hoang is just a great romance read. I enjoyed this book so much that I've read the sequel and am currently working on the newest book, The Heart Principle. In The Kiss Quotient we meet Stella who has Asperger's and is finding it extremely difficult and really just not fun to become intimate with another person. So, Stella hires a male escort, Michael, to help her work towards being intimate with someone. As the two spend more time together, Stella becomes more and more comfortable with Michael and ends up wanting even more than she could ever hope for with someone.

If you're looking for a feel-good romance that you know has a happily ever after, then this is the book for you. I won't lie - there are some parts that make you cringe with second hand embarrassment, but feeling that connection with the characters really makes the ending so worth it.

Kelli's Recs

Mr. Wrong Number by Lynn Painter

Mr. Wrong Number by Lynn Painter is such a cute rom-com read! Even though it is over 300 pages, it was such an easy, fun read that I finished in a day! Do you ever just get in a slump and you just want something fun and silly to read? This is it! I was chuckling throughout the book, just waiting for the shoe to drop so that the story could end in its happily ever after.

The story is simple and sassy. Olivia Marshall is just full of bad luck. She receives a "What are you wearing?" text from a strange number that leads to a spicy and entertaining - but also anonymous- relationship in her life. Maybe her life and luck are changing?! Meanwhile, Colin Beck has always considered his best friend's younger sister an annoying brat. Yet when she moves in with them for a little while, he realizes she has changed into a different and sexier woman. He knows he can keep his distance...until he realizes that Olivia is the wrong number that he has been sexting for weeks! Should he dial up the spice...or ghost her completely?!

Brat: An '80s Story by Andrew McCarthy

I do not often read autobiographies and memoirs, and if I do, something about it must really immediately grab me to dive into it. Well, the author for Brat: An '80s Story here is the reason I read it, and then loved it! I have seen so many of Andrew McCarthy's movies growing up and though this isn't the first book he has written, I loved that he wrote this book in particular. I saw it and hoped maybe I would get some behind the scenes stories from some of the movies I loved from the 80s (Pretty in Pink, St. Elmo's Fire, Mannequin, and so many more!)!

This was really a coming of age book for Andrew as he focused on how he got started in the acting world and then following his journey through those up and coming years. You see an amazingly wild world of New York City through his eyes. This memoir was wonderfully written, full of entertainment, and very emotionally honest by an actor, director, and author who was able to find his start as an 80s Hollywood Brat Pack member, which has stuck with him through all his years and career. It is enjoyable being able to read the experiences from Andrew McCarthy as he made classic Brat Pack movies that are still known and loved to this day.

We are always looking for new reads and suggestions for books that we love, so let us know what books you consider fun reads in the comments! If you’d like to see what we are reading now, check out our Goodreads profiles (Kelli and Chelsea) or follow 2 Girls Bookin' It on Instagram and Facebook! If you’re excited to see what other topics we’ll be covering in the coming months, make sure to subscribe. Thanks for reading with us!

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