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TikTok Finds: 4 Books I Found on BookTok

“In the case of good books, the point is not to see how many of them you can get through, but rather how many can get through to you.” - Mortimer J. Adler

If you've been on TikTok, and you like to read, then I am hoping that you have been able to stumble across #BookTok at some point, because for the past year, it has been where I have been finding all of the best book recommendations! If you haven't, then this is my suggestion to you to check it out. You will find some of the best videos out there, and you will not be disappointed. But once you get onto a genre that is your favorite, you will go down a slippery slope of a rabbit hole watching #booktok videos, going to your Goodreads page to find the book, reading the plot summary, looking at other books by the author, then other book suggestions based on that book, and so on! You will come out of that experience with some amazing book recommendations that you may not have stumbled upon otherwise.

Today I'm going to share just a few of the books that I have found on #booktok that have made it to my TBR list and I cannot wait to start! If you've been following along with us for a while, you already know that I found the Zodiac Academy series this way, and I look forward to all the other series and standalones that I keep finding on this app! As you'll see, and may come as no surprise since it is me (Kelli) posting this, I may or may not be on the romance side of #booktok. :)

Gild (The Plated Prisoner #1) by Raven Kennedy

Gild is a fantasy romance story that is a reimagination of the myth of King Midas and is the first installment in The Plated Prisoner trilogy. The story follows the heroine, Auren, during the time after the fae abandoned the world and those with the power rule. Auren has been rescued by King Midas and swept away to the castle in Highbell where everything is made of gold. King Midas has even Gold-Touched Auren, putting her upon a pedestal,and showing that she is favored and precious to Midas, but also showing that she belongs to him. He has given her protection, and she has given him her heart. She resides in the palace where she is safe...until war has reached the kingdom and a deal has been made. Auren's trust has been broken and her love is being challenged and questioned. Does she truly know Midas? Because no matter how you look at it, palace walls are still walls of a cage.

Lightlark (Lightlark #1) by Alex Aster

Lightlark is another fantasy romance story that I have stumbled across! If this blurb doesn't just grab you, then I don't know what to say!

It is the Centennial. Every 100 years, the island of Lightlark appears to whomever is hosting the Centennial. What is the Centennial you ask? It is a deadly game that only the rulers of the six realms are invited to participate in. What is the reward? A chance to embrace victory and the ruin of others, baubles, and the blood of others. What does this game offer the rulers? One final chance to break the curses that have been plaguing their realms for centuries past. Each ruler has their secrets. Each realm’s curse is unique but so very wicked. To destroy the curses, one ruler must die. Isla Crown is one of these rulers, over the realm of Wilding. Wilding is full of temptresses that, if they fall in love, their curse is to kill them, which makes them feared and despised. Because of this, the temptresses are relying on Isla to end their suffering and win at the Centennial. To survive, lying, cheating and betrayal is the path Isla must take…even as love complicates everything.

A Court of Honey and Ash (Honey and Ice Trilogy #1) by Shannon Mayer and Kelly St. Clare

A Court of Ash and Honey is another fantasy romance full of fae, magic, and of course romance. I am sensing a theme here of the books I have been interested in reading, can you?!

This is the first book in the trilogy that follows Alli, an orphaned half-human fae who has been trained to fight. Why does she need to know how to fight? As an orphaned fae with no claims of her own, fighting to become a Fae elite is the only way to move up the ranks of the fae hierarchy. Underhill is the ancestral home of the fae and Alli is raised to fear the power it holds. Then, Underhill is destroyed, and no fae are able to enter any longer. How did this happen? Only Alli knows and it is a secret that will kill her if she does nothing about it. As the fae are no longer able to access Underhill, they are slowly going mad. Alli wants to save her people, but the only way to do that is to go on the run. What she needs to do is figure out how ancient magic, that has been around since the dawn of time, was destroyed in an instant.

Meet Me There (Ridgewater High #1) by Judy Corry

We've reached a different romance genre with Meet Me There! This book by Judy Corry is the first of six primary stories in a series and falls under the genre of contemporary and young adult romance. It is a standalone, but if I find a series like that, I have to read all of the books so that I can see if there are any little glimpses of the couples within each story. Who doesn't like to see how a couple's story continues on after they finish their book?

This story follows sixteen year old Ashlyn Brooks and her longtime rival Luke Davenport. Ashlyn enters a dark chemistry lab in school and is met with a guy with a "fake" British accent. As they are in lab and working and "getting to know each other," Ashlyn slowly begins sharing things she has never told anyone else before. She is starting to fall for this mysterious guy with his sexy accent. I mean, he understands her like no else has. Little does she know that the British guy is actually Luke, the high school football captain who is just pulling another one of his pranks. His mother died the summer before the start of his senior year, and what better way to keep his mind focused and not on his grief and loss, than to prank Ashlyn. Yet, as they get to know each other, he is regretting his accent and mystery. Now, he wants her to know that the boy she is falling for is actually him, just Luke. What will happen when it all comes to a head?

I hope I've peaked your interest just a little in at least one of these books and have you adding it to your TBR list! There are so many recommendations on #booktok and I get excited adding them to my TBR but then also getting to finally read them as well! I hope this is helpful for you to find your next read! If you’d like to see what I’m reading now, check out my Goodreads or follow us on Instagram and Facebook! If you’re excited to see what other topics we’ll be covering in the coming months, make sure to subscribe. Thanks for reading with me!

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